About Us

Andrea Schroder started making candles at her farm as gifts for friends and family who visited as she wanted them to leave with A special keepsake from her home. What started as A small project in her kitchen has no become something bigger for Andrea. She wanted to create the highest quality candles in hopes of reflecting the things that are most important to her: love, light, beauty, nature, and family. Andrea has crafted these special candles from pure organic coconut oil which burns clean and provides beautiful light. Each subtle scent was developed to gently enhance your home and mood, with all natural oils that won't give you headaches or overpower your sacred space. Every candle is hand poured and packaged with A poem written by her grandmother. Andrea hopes that you love each product as much as she has loved every moment of creating them for you.


Andrea Schroder is A company that stands for quality, excellence, and in giving back. Our products are earth, home, and human friendly. We believe in positively contributing to the earth, the pople who inhabit the earth, and those who need lifting up.